At the top of the hill of the Megaron Gardens, Fuga began operating in 2010 with Andrea Berton (two Michelin stars in the Trussardi alla Scala restaurant in Milan), editor of the menu, making it in the coming years one of the most important restaurants of the new Cosmopolitan Global Cuisine in Greece.

In 2018 the reign was taken by the chef Dimitris Katrivesis, bringing the new era to Fuga, who has created a unique sharing-style menu based on excellent ingredients that are produced with ethical practices. Balanced flavors with world-wide, cosmopolitan air and a tropical cuisine that highlights the modern versions of culinary traditions from Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean.

The chef patron Dimitris Katrivesis brings to all dishes the harmonious combination of tastes and techniques, leaving his cosmopolitan air clear.

Casa Jaguar is a new venue featuring the Fuga

Is it a mezcal bar ???

A Japanese yzakaia ????

A place to eat and drink ???

It's all together !!

A bar influenced by Latin America and especially Tulum.

A combination of Mexican bar and Japanese yzakáia that invite you to discover it.

Appearing At Taste

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