Since 19 years of age he has been constantly traveling on the different continents in search of new experiences and different cultures. England, France, Scotland, Spain, America, Canada, Venezuela, Athens.

At the same time as his studies at Birmingham University in the field of gastronomy and management, he began his experience in hospitality in the early 2000s.

With an international career in world-renowned restaurants, holding executive positions, he gained theoretical and empirical knowledge of gastronomy and perception of global food trends.

His acquaintance with Kostas Spiliadis in 2009 and the restaurants "Milos" determined him completely and made him one of the most important chef of his generation. It was at that time that he chose to go with the Greek cuisine and get to know its deepest essence. From the point of view of the seasonality and locality of the materials, quality, rules and limits set by the Greek cuisine, he shaped his techniques, his philosophy and his course in the world of cooking.

An unstoppable traveler and an incompatible cook. Philosophical theoretical knowledge and knowledge of social sciences are essential tools for him in his profession. The images of his wanderings, memories and people mark his food, not the recipes. Cooking for him is the art of everyday life, it is what is left on the table after a Sunday meal.

In 2014, he opens the Cookoowaya restaurant in the Hilton area, as co-owner with 5 other chefs. Following this very successful venture, they decide to create a fast food shop called "Hoocut".

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