Finishing the Anavyssos Tourism School, he practiced in large hotels in Athens, such as Chandris and Pendelikos, where he stayed for two years.

Going for a decade in key areas of Greek restaurants such as "Multi Culti", "Nammos" and "Coo" in Mykonos, he starts his activity in private cheffing.

In the beginning of 2007, he leaves for Berlin and begins his collaboration with the restaurant "LUTTER UND WEGNER" with Austrian cuisine. A year later, he is enchanted by the Alsatian cuisine of the award-winning restaurant with a Michelin star "RENGER PATZSCH" and becomes part of his team.

In 2009 he returns to Athens and opens "Cucina Povera", his first restaurant, along with sommelier Yannis Kaimenakis.

In 2014, he opens the "Cookoovaya" restaurant in the Hilton area, as co-owner with 5 other chefs.

Following this very successful venture, they decide to create a fast food shop called "Hoocut".

He has stated: "Restaurants are a place of hospitality. We chef have made them a place of cooking. Because we feel the need to be the protagonists - and that's the mistake. The protagonist is the guest. The chef needs to hear the guests' needs and feed them accordingly. "

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